“All is Lost, But Not Forgotten”- Sir Francis Drake(?)

I think I recall reading this while playing Uncharted: Drakes Fortune on the PS3 back in 2007. I could be wrong with the quote, hence the question mark.

Why I chose this title- God knows. As I have worked relentlessly on this blog and my book, Trans Mongolian, over the past 6 years I’ve lose so much-data, subscribers, domain names, etc. What I haven’t lost? My memory. The photographic memory I have of every event that has ever occurred still makes me ponder at how amazing the mind is. Also, I think I get it from my mother as her story telling has always drawn a vivid picture in my head. God bless her and give her a long and healthy life full of happiness. (Ameen)

So, for the third and final time- I’ve been able to recover the lost posts I had made on this blog. It took rigorous work scouring through The Wayback Machine and recreating the website with the images, meta-tags, etc. all over again. This grueling task has made me put in better measures in place to manage my digital content. I need a secretary… One day.

The past few months I’ve erased all but chapter one from Trans Mongolian and rewritten it. After five years I’ve yet to rewrite the third chapter. I’m going to be utilizing this blog to brainstorm ideas, put together certain key events specific to the book, organizing the chapters a certain way. As many of you that are revisited may know the chapters in Trans Mongolian can be picked up and read odd to even or even to odd, meaning you can read chapter two and then chapter one, followed by chapter four and then chapter three, get the idea? I feel like it will get complicated past chapter six so I think I’ll keep it like that up until that point because I need to encourage myself to spend more time writing the book that everyone is so eager to read. I apologize for the third, and final time about this to all the followers- a special sorry and thank you to those that are coming back and haven’t given up on this journey on the Trans Mongolian.

Expect posts entitled “Brainstorming Sessions” and feel free to comment on each and every post. Also to note, for those that have been expecting more of my writing- I’ve joined a bi-weekly writer’s workshop which is going extremely well and will also benefit me from setting a deadline for my writing. I’ll be cranking out a book in no time! As for blog posts- expect travel vlogs, movie reviews, book reviews, and what I will call “The Uber Experience”-unique experiences I’ve had driving Uber over the past few months.

To summarize and hold me accountable I’m gonna make some bullet points of the next few months:

  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Travel Vlogs- Thinking of getting my footage from China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey… going as far back as Malaysia?… Properly organized and launched on YouTube
  • The Uber Experience/Long Island Nomad
  • Movie Reviews- niche will be specific to the mental health illness or my perspective based on my condition
  • Book Reviews- niche will be self-help and psychiatry/psychology
  • More Chapters to Trans Mongolian– Give me 2 weeks (10/21) to finalize chapter 3 and I’ll have both chapters 2 and 3 out on the page, promise.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone-new and old to the site.

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