A Three Year Hiatus of Adam Abraham: The Case of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Yes, I just referred to myself in a third-person narrative.

During a therapy session I put forward a set of questions for my counselor. I had always wondered-What’s in a name? As you all may know Adam Abraham is a pen name I chose for anonymity and for my family’s privacy when I started writing my book. Over the years. “Adam”, evolved into a personal identity that I kept separate from who I really am. Thus, the question- Is Adam another personality of mine? Simple answer, no it is not. Yet, it gave me certain freedoms that come along with a generic name.

Understanding the fact that my memories are intact and not unique from my own personality and that of “Adam”. This nullifies the question that I have multiple personalities. But really, to detangle myself from Adam Abraham it took me 3 years to do so. Now, it seems like I am getting caught up with this person I created for myself once again.

A few years ago I took advice from a close friend who told me- “Stop going around telling everyone your story”. This was both good and bad. But ultimately it was for the worse as it put a full stop on my writing and on Adam. Now I’m re-questioning myself- there’s nothing wrong with expressing myself and I truly believe my story is of one that needs to be told for the not only my benefit but for the benefit of others.

For once, I’ve started visiting my local library and I’ve joined a writing group to continue working on my book Trans Mongolian. I am suffering from serious writer’s block. The next few months I will really take it slow, both with my blog and my book. What you can expect is more reviews and reflection posts to really understand how I can reinspire myself.